Royal Air Force Jurong

RAF Detachment Jurong - Singapore 

 Jurong was a small RAF station situated towards the south western corner of Singapore island.  It was originally built in 1939 as the transmitter site for "Radio Malaya", as it was known then. 

In 1942/45 it was taken over by the Japanese during their occupation of Singapore, during which time they built a larger transmitter site for their own purposes.

After the Japanese surrendered on September 2nd.1945 and the island was was liberated, the RAF took over most of the site sharing it with "Cable & Wireless" and "Radio Malaya".  Large areas of land were then aquired in order to develop the massive "aerial farm" which we came to know so well during our time there. 

RAF Jurong served as a transmitter site for it's parent unit, RAF Changi, on the far eastern side of the island.  There was a small microwave station (2 SU) fairly close to the transmitter hall, which provided a direct and secure signals link with RAF Changi communication centre.

On the camp were Accommodation/Kitchen/Dining facilities, NAAFI/Bar, Dark Room, Cinema, TV Room, small Library, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, and workshop area for car/motor bike enthusiasts.  The swimming pool was originally used as a static water supply tank, primarily for the water cooling of the transmitters at that time.

About one third of the transmitter hall building was bricked off and  used by "Cable and Wireless" and more recently "Jabatan Talikom", both of whom were civilian communications companies also running transmitters on the site. 

Nearby was RAF Tengah, which served Jurong with supplies, medical facilites and transport vehicles etc. 

Also close at hand was a British Army run transmitter site at Chin Bee, which was handed over to Jurong in late 1968.  From then on the Chin Bee transmitter site was run by RAF Jurong personnel.

RAF Jurong has been closed since October 1971, but happy memories still remain with all of us who were fortunate enough to have served there.


RAF Jurong Guardroom

The Jurong Transmitter Hall

The transmitter hall was a short walk across from the accommodation block, and the grass was very much greener than shown here.  This picture was scanned from a colour slide which, unfortunately faded over the 40 odd years since it was taken.

The civilian run Jabatan Talikom transmitter section was situated to the right and rear of the main entrance shown here.